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I can thoroughly recommend Diane at Happy Feet. She is an excellent trainer using gentle and fun techniques and is very patient with both dogs and owners! She also does amazing social walks in the countryside which are very responsibly organised. Dogs absolutely adore her!

Margaret Bailey


Diane has helped me so much. My dog is fearful of other dogs and with Diane’s knowledge, guidance and patience we have made much progress. I am so thankful to her. We join the social walks as much as we can and have also attended some training classes. The social walks are along beautiful countryside tracks and a couple of the group members make fabulous cakes which is an added bonus for the coffee stop. I cannot thank Diane and the rest of the group enough for all the help and patience offered. Without everyone’s support we would not have made the progress we have to date. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Carol and Molly.

Carol Baker


Social Walks

On arriving in the Algarve, not knowing a soul or the area and with one very active dog, I was put in touch with Diane at Happy Feet Dogs. Through Diane’s social walks, on most days of the week, I was able to walk in the hills, beach etc and meet a great bunch of people and my dog got to run free. I got to learn about the area, the rules, the restrictions, the coffee shops etc. The walks are well organised and Diane, is always on hand to guide and assist the dogs and walkers. I wouldn’t have settled in to our new life so quickly if it hadn’t been for Happy Feet! 


Dog Training 

With Happy Feet Dogs, If you think that you are going to get Church Hall type training sessions, think again! I have taken both my pup and my older dog to Diane’s group training sessions and what fun we had. We played games on the beach, in the outdoor training area and areas in and around Vilamoura. We used toys, treats and training aids to teach sit, stay, down, recall and some fun dog tricks as well. I don’t know who had most fun, me or the dog!! 


Pup Socialisation

When I contacted Diane of Happy Feet Dogs re training of my new pup, she advised me that, just as important as training, early socialisation of the pup was crucial. Diane advised me every step of the way, provided me with pup toys, reading material and was always on hand to encourage both me and the pup and made the whole puppy experience fun!

Colette Chiesa


As a first time dog owner of a highly energetic rescue dog, Diane has helped me immeasurably- not only in equipping me with the knowledge and tools to train Morris but also in giving me confidence to do so. We adopted Morris - a Podengo mix rescue puppy at approx 4.5 months old and he certainly came with some challenges which I attempted to manage by myself for four months or so. He didn’t have any manners or socialisation skills with other dogs and was a complete handful. I initially met Diane when I was recommended by a friend to join her socialisation walks and to get Morris used to other dogs and to learn how to interact with them. These walks were a revelation to both Morris and me, with Diane’s guidance and the support of the rest of her group, Morris walked well on the lead, interacting well with the other dogs and it wasn’t too long before I could let him off lead. I DO know that Diane has actually been training me (in order for me to train Morris) but she does it in such an encouraging, supportive and gentle way that she makes it fun and highly enjoyable. It’s a toss up who enjoys our training sessions or Morris! Her positive reinforcement style pays dividends...both with owners and dogs! And I love that she understands the dogs behaviour and why they are reacting in a certain way. Diane is brilliant at getting you to see the world from your dogs perspective. I would not hesitate in recommending Diane and Happy Feet in all socialisation walks, training both in group and individual sessions plus her insightful behavioural support.

Trisha Corstin-James


It’s not so much what we think of Diane as what our dogs think of her. And, quite simply, they adore her! This is hardly surprising as I’ve never known anyone who is more of a natural with dogs than Diane. She loves her work and it shows. Her face lights up each time she sees one of her doggy clients. And I’ve never seen my two dogs happier than when they are around her. I would not hesitate to recommend Diane for any thing dog related. She is the best. 

Samantha Diamond


I met Diane when our Portuguese Water Dog cross became a member of the family. He was a rescue who was taken from his mother far too young, as a result he had absolutely no social skills! I loved the way Diane talked to him and how he responded so positively to her training. We went along to Diane’s social walks and it wasn’t long before it became a massive hit, not just with our four legged friends, but all of us too! We looked forward to the group walks not only because we were taken to the most stunning places, but we also met like minded doggy people - all of which have become great friends of ours. We were relatively new to the Algarve when we met Diane and hadn’t really explored other areas. What a travesty it would have been if we hadn’t met her - as she says when we go into the countryside “welcome to the real Algarve!” We have made a lot of friends which really helped us settle and make a home here. We now have the most perfect dog for us, but there’s always room for improvement! Diane is always coming up with new training tips, tricks and fun activities to do in small groups or one to ones.

Fiona Dixon


We have been going on walks with Diane for around 9 months now and we also do days out and dog training with her. We are huge fans of her and her methods! The walks are well planned and supervised in some of the most beautiful areas of the Algarve. An added bonus is that Diane also supplies insights into doggie behaviour and training tips during the walks. We also go on training sessions both in a group and on a one to one basis. Mikey has benefited hugely from these. We are currently enjoying her tips and games while on lockdown, but are looking forward to resuming the walks. Mikey is missing his mates! Can’t recommend Diane highly enough. 

Douglas McLachlan


Diane is a dynamic, positive dog trainer, using techniques that are fun and varied which deepen the bond and understanding between dog and human. Her instructions are clear and calm and are designed to build trust and confidence. Dogs quickly learn to trust her implicitly and my dogs adore her! 

Frances Oakley


Social Dog Walks

From the beginning I felt confident in Diane’s leadership of her social dog walks. We first attended the ‘Puppy and Senior’ social walks. Diane supported us on these walks sensitively pointing out how to introduce Lola, a small dog, to the other dogs. The length and terrain of these walks were perfect for young and senior dogs. Once Lola was a year old, we were able to attend other walks organised by Diane that were suitable for her. Again, with the guidance of Diane, we were able to choose which walks were best for us. Diane reassured us when we ‘graduated’ to larger walks that she had informed the group that a small dog was joining and owners of the larger dogs should pay particular attention to interactions between the dogs so as not to intimidate Lola or us! Since we have been attending the social dog walks with Lola it’s amazing how our confidence has grown. Lola really enjoys these walks and is always happy to see everyone when we arrive, as indeed we are. Diane always puts the dogs needs foremost during walks. Ensuring that they have ‘water stops’ and pointing out any places where we need to take a little extra care. After each walk everyone goes to a local coffee house for coffee and chat. We have met a lovely group of like-minded doggie people and walked in beautiful places that were previously unknown to us. Diane’s social dog walks are the highlight of our week, both for us and Lola. 



We attended training with Diane in order to build our confidence and bond with Lola, as well as have fun together.We were not disappointed. Lola loves going and gets very excited when we arrive. Diane’s training is sensitive to both the dogs and owners needs and it is very enjoyable. She is always available to discuss any issues or problems that you might experience when practising at home. She is very encouraging and dogs just seem to love her, she has a wonderful way with dogs and owners. We have also attended Dog First Aid which has made us feel much more knowledgeable. If you want a happy, relaxed, socially acceptable dog then I recommend Diane. 

Helen Ottewill


We have known Diane about five years, she’s very easy to get on with and loves what she does. The social walks are always fun with varied routes and a lovely group of regulars. Her individual training sessions are also exceptionally good, always geared to each dog and owner’s needs. We would highly recommend her.

Denise & Simon Raines


Do you love your dog and want him to meet his full potential, have a happy life, be a great companion? Go find the right trainer - one that not only knows how to train obedience, but also has the sensitivity and knowledge to evaluate the behaviour and character of your dog and know what is right for him - and for you - and how to achieve the results that you are looking for. Her name is Diane Lowe, apart from her training sessions, she also organises various group walks weekly to socialise dogs in a beautiful and safe environment in the hills and valleys of the Algarvian country side. The walks are just fabulous - well researched and timed and plainly explained in degrees of difficulties and duration. So it is easy to choose what is right for you and for your doggie. There are also special walks for puppies and seniors (doggie seniors, that is!). I have walked with Happy Feet Dogs for over two years and as you can probably tell by now - I am a fan! My Oliver is a rescue dog, with lots of issues, but Diane has worked wonders with him. He still barks a lot when in a confined situation - a bad habit from his past living in the streets. But Diane assures me that we will train him to bark or not to bark one day ‘on demand!’ I believe her because I know she can achieve that!

Hannelore Singh

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