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On the part of our dogs, unwanted behaviour can come in various forms:

Excessive barking, jumping up, lunging and barking on lead, reactivity towards other dogs, people, bicycles etc. are amongst the more common issues. There are also other less obvious symptoms, such as noise sensitivities, food/toy guarding, separation anxiety, fear of people or situations, hyperactivity and so on.

There are numerous possible reasons for behavioural issues in dogs, since behaviour is an outward expression of an inner state. Within our one-to-one behaviour consultations, we can help you to identify your dog’s triggers and create a behaviour modification plan in order to move forward.

Trigger Stacking

All dogs, like people, have a threshold for stress. Trigger stacking is a build up of stress over a period to a breaking point.

Ladder of Aggression

Dogs only bite as a last resort, the ladder of aggression is a graph showing the body language and gestures a dog will show as its stress levels rise eventually to the point of a bite.

Calming Signals

Calming signals are signals that dogs use to communicate to each other, in order to avoid conflict.

...behaviour is

an outward expression of an inner state.

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