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As the popularity of our socialisation walks has grown considerably we thought it would be helpful to put together some basic guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants (especially the four-legged variety)!


Please read these carefully and feel free to pass them on to any of your friends who are considering joining us.



Please provide a brief overview of your dog(s): age, sex, spayed/neutered, behaviour with unknown dogs and behaviour with unknown people (regrettably we cannot accept intact males as the other dogs in the groups will not accept them).


  • All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and microchip and have a collar with an ID tag.

  • Aversive equipment, such as choke chains, prong collars and electric collars, is not allowed. The reasons for this are pretty obvious but, if in doubt, please ask.

  • Retractable leads are not allowed. They are dangerous to other owners and dogs in a group situation. 

  • A harness with a front ring lead attachment is highly recommended. This affords much better control for you and comfort for your dog. We have spares that you can try if you are new to them. Just ask when you register for the walk. 

  • ALL dogs must be kept on lead at all times in public areas (this is the law) and also when we come across sheep, goats, horses, bicycles, other walkers and joggers. It is really helpful if those walking at the front and back of the group can inform others if something/someone is approaching.

  • Any dogs bullying others or causing problems will be required to be on lead for the duration of the walk. 

  • When we stop for water breaks please put your dogs on lead and spread out as they can get protective of their space and water bowls.

  • Female dogs on heat are not permitted on the walks (it's best if they stay at home until a couple of weeks after the season has passed). You can imagine the chaos this can cause otherwise!

  • Stating the obvious, maybe, but dogs with infectious/contagious diseases are not allowed.



Please bring a backpack with a bowl and enough water for you and your dog(s) to have DURING the walk.

Poop bags will be necessary in certain residential areas.

Most of the walks are on uneven tracks, so sensible footwear is highly recommended - walking shoes, hiking boots or trainers (best not open toe sandals and definitely not flip flops!). Walking poles can come in handy for some of the hillier walks.


We hope these pointers have been helpful. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Disclaimer: The walks are at your own risk. Happy Feet Dogs does not hold responsibility for owners not following the Portuguese law. We cannot hold responsibility for accidents or injury to either owners or their dogs.

You are responsible for your dogs at all times during the walk.

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